K–12 Innovation Alliance
Summit 2023

Oct 25 - 27, 2023 | Tempe, AZ

Registration is now closed. Please contact a partnership representative
if you’d like more detail about the event.


Innovative School Leaders from Around the World Gather at this Annual Three-Day Event

This year we’re delving into the new technologies changing education—AI, gamification, college credit-earning videos and more. Participants will gain insight into how navigating and maximizing these platforms can help prepare learners for tomorrow. The summit will include:

  • ASU Prep School site visits
  • Welcome reception featuring ASU President, Michael Crow
  • Featured keynotes discussing AI and other technologies
  • Expert panels of innovators and educators from around the world
  • Your choice of engaging workshops
  • Collaboration time with other school leaders

Watch Alliance Partners Discuss
Next Generation Learning


Working together to transform the road to college into a personalized pathway

The K–12 Innovation Alliance seeks to strengthen relationships with our K–12 partners, connecting their expertise with the educational resources of Arizona State University and ASU Prep Digital. Together we can advance innovative solutions to ensure every student has a path to college and future success.


Innovative solutions that lead to successful outcomes

We believe that higher education leads to successful outcomes for our students, our community, and our global society. It’s why we’re passionate about developing innovative solutions and programs that set students up for college and career success.

The future of learning offers pathways.

When students have opportunities to get ahead and fast track their learning by earning college credit, they can successfully accelerate their future.

The future of learning is personalized.

Content mastery begins with learning that continuously adapts in real time to meet students where they are, assess what they know, offer customized modalities, and ensure comprehension to guide students toward success.

The future of learning is limitless.

Learning is no longer confined to the classroom. It can happen anywhere, any time, on any device, and in any way that suits a student’s life or learning modality.

The future of learning is real-world.

Curiosity is at the heart of learning. It’s why we use a discovery-based approach as a core methodology, using real-world problem-solving and storytelling to bring learning to life.

The future of learning builds community.

Building a better world doesn’t happen alone. From peer-to-peer learning to online support communities, students become a part of their local and global community throughout their learning journey.


2022 K–12 Innovation Alliance Summit

Check out the highlights from this year’s gathering of innovative school leaders from around the US.

Join us in ensuring every student has a path to college.

As a K–12 Innovation Alliance partner, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with experts, innovate learning solutions, and increase pathways to set students up for college and career success.